Product Description

When instant wow factor is required, you need to look no further than our beautiful Deep Buttoned leather headboard. This luxurious headboard oozes opulence, sophistication and style.

Our inspiration for this design was derived from the Victorian deep buttoned Chesterfield, circa 1870. Traditionally upholstered in leather it was the centrepiece of many living rooms, today in we make it the centrepiece of many bedrooms.

These headboards are a true work of art representing the skills required by our upholsterers to create such stunning pieces of craftsmanship. Each button is carefully and precisely inserted one at a time until the entire face of the headboard is studded. Once this is done, every pleat has to be skilfully worked into place whereby they all look straight.

Generally a full hide of leather is used on each headboard, but depending on the size, more leather is joined together within the buttoning to leave an invisible and perfect seam, without using a single stitch anywhere on the finished product. This is a very time consuming exercise, but the results really do justify the hours involved as the end product looks very visually decorative.

Dimensions – Width: (you choose) Height: (you choose) Depth: 9cm