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Deep Buttoned Leather Headboard + Swarovski Crystals

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Introducing the stunning Deep Buttoned leather headboard with Swarovski crystals. Whether you put this headboard in a contemporary or traditionally styled bedroom, it just oozes opulence, sophistication and style.

If you just love the original version but want to add that something to make it extra special, then the crystal buttons certainly make the headboard go from, wow, to WOW!

They are world renowned and the market leader in perfectly cut lead crystal glass. The luxurious 16mm Swarovski buttons we've chosen have replaced the standard leather buttons for this version and the effect is truly dazzling on the finished product.

Shimmers of light reflect off each crystal simultaneously and offer a real touch of class and uniqueness that you simply will not find anywhere else

Not only is it arduous work manufacturing these headboards, but great dexterity is also required by the craftsmen when deep buttoning in leather. The buttoning technique is age old and must be performed repeatedly over many years to polish the skill. The intention is to get the leather nice and tight with as few wrinkles as possible, whilst also having perfectly formed pleats that all line up.

When it's done correctly, as you can see, it looks fantastic!

Also available with leather buttons, click here to view it.


The lead-time for this headboard on average is 3 weeks. Every headboard is made to order. Maximum 4 week delivery guarantee.

Order with complete confidence. See our no quibble 7 day cancellation policy and our 12 month product guarantee.

Models shown in gallery:
Vele China Red leather with 16mm Red Magma Swarovski - W150cm x H91cm x D9cm.
Vele Old English White leather with 16mm Black Diamond Swarovski - W150cm x H91cm x D9cm.

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